Compass of Sexuality

The ‘Sexuality Compass’ breaks sexuality into interrelated categories to help clarify the areas throughout our lives that are impacted by sexuality and our sexual health.  
Sexuality Compass
Sexuality Compass. Adapted by Pumpkin Vines for Brave Topics

The Ideas behind the Compass

Sexuality encompasses sexualization, sensuality, intimacy, identity, and reproduction. 
The Sexuality Compass includes concepts from each of these areas in a new way, focusing on mindfulness of what influences different aspects of our sexuality.  
Sexuality encompasses nearly every aspect of our being, from attitudes and values to feelings and experiences. It is influenced by the individual, family, culture, religion/spirituality, laws, professions, institutions, science and politics.
Personal Sexuality and Sexual Health look inward to help people establish their values and teach them about the beautiful human body and issues that can arise.
Interpersonal Sexuality and Sexuality in Society look at how humans interact with the world around them as sexual beings as well as how social norms can impact our lives.
Information adapted from Life Planning Education, 1995, Advocates for Youth, Washington DC, based on the original work of Dennis M. Dailey, University of Kansas.  
Additional credits for updates to Healthy Teen Relationships by M. R. Roper 2011 Search Institute, Minneanopolis, Minnesota.   Dailey, D. (1981). 
Sexual expression and aging. In F. Berghorn & D. Schafer (Eds.)  The dynamics of aging. (pp. 311-333). Boulder, CO. Westview Press. 

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