Sexual Education Programing for Parents

This program is adapted from the Our Whole Lives Curriculum with materials adapted from a range of community resources.  Our Whole Lives is a secular sexual education program designed by the United Universalist and United Church of Christ. There are spiritual guides that can be used in conjunction with the program, but they are not used in our private workshops unless by request. 

The hope is that parents see that there are a range of personal roadblocks for all families when it comes to educating their young people about their body, choices, and values.  Issues arise in the education of our young people when the content does not respect the maturity of the young person; makes assumptions about what the young person ‘needs to know’; or does not give the caregivers the tools to take responsibility for their young person’s education.  

Workshops are scheduled in a participant’s home, a supplied private establishment or at The Meetinghouse on Ipswich Green.

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Large Group Parent Workshops $250.00 Booking Details
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