Sexuality in Relationships Workshops

$250.00 Event Minimum $50.00
$40.00 per person for group purchases of at least 6


  • Effective communication is the foundation for physical and emotional intimacy. 
  • Participants will increase their understanding of how to articulate their sexual concerns
  • This workshop will help participants identify key communication-related issues 
  • Participants will discuss how culture and gender impact how partners communicate

Relationships, Love & Commitment

  • This workshop is designed for those in new relationships, just out of long relationships and those who are feeling ready for a relationship. 
  • Participants will discuss forms of relationships (hooking up, monogamy and other variations)
  • Participants will discuss how people meet potential partners
  • Consider looking at challenges that signal a relationship should end
  • Consider the challenges and motivation for commitment
  • Participants can apply new understanding to passion and intimacy in current, past or future relationships. 

Boundaries & Boundary Violations


  • A goal of this workshop is to help participants define and articulate their sexual boundaries
  • Participants will look at a range of dominance-related abuses of sexuality
  • Participants will identify unhealthy power differences in sexual relationships
  • Participants will explore ways to respect and understand other people’s personal boundaries. 
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