Sexual Relationships Wine & Wellness Workshops

$200.00 Event Minimum $40.00
$33.00 per person for group purchases of at least 6

Sexual Attraction & Early Relationships

  • Exploring the nature of sexual attraction
  • Reflecting on passion 
  • Sexual arousal and response 
  • Learning from the past; teaching youth
  • Components of Love

Sexuality & Developing Relationships

  • Explore the nature of developing relationships
  • Stages of relationships
  • Consider the nature of intimacy in friendships and romantic relationships
  • Discuss (and discuss discussing) when it is appropriate for sexual activity to become part of a relationship.
  • Introduction to concent 

Sexuality & Committed Relationships

  • Explore the nature of committed relationships
  • Consider the role of sexuality in committed relationships
  • Name the forces that can undermine committed relationships
  • Identify ways to nurture and sustain committed relationships
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