About Sex Ed

The Brave Topic view is value-based. 
Raising a young person to value their body, value their sexuality and value the lessons learned by their caregivers.

The overarching goal is to help caregivers learn to open lines of communication so sexuality education starts at home. 

Sex Education Definition: ‘Sex Ed’ or ‘Sexual Education’ is commonly used to describe education about human sexual anatomy, sexually transmitted disease, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse and other aspects of human sexual behavior.

At Brave Topics, we include a laundry list of topics under the umbrella of sexuality education.  

We break these topics into a few areas: Sexualization, Sensuality, Intimacy, Sexual identity, Sexual Health, and Reproduction.

Importance of Sexual Education

Sexual education is a cornerstone for helping youth and adults build positive value-based relationships.  Humans are sexual from conception. Humans are created by the combination of male and female gametes; unfortunately many attempts at sexual education end at the scientific. 

Sexual education can not be limited to a unit in anatomy class, an overview of reproduction in health class or a weeklong study of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Sexual education should be lifelong, family values-based and comprehensive.

Comprehensive sexual education will prepare our young people for a life with intimacy, positive self-image and healthy decision-making skills.


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