Mission Statement

Sexuality Blog for Families

Caregiver and young person relationships are so important to the growth of a child.  At Brave Topics, the goal is to help guide families in breaking down barriers and using open and consistent dialogue. 

The idea is not a one-shot conversation about safe sex, but a life long approach to teaching young people to find their own values. 

Each family and person within that family have their own set of values.  Brave Topics urges families to know the difference between the values that they hold for themselves, the values they hold for the young people that they care for and the values of the young person as an individual. 

The Brave Topics Mission

Brave Topics works to compile meaningful resources to help break down heteronormativity in youth sexual education. Our Mission is to share inclusive and thoughtful resources with families and community groups.  


The goal of Brave Topics is to create a grassroots community focused on connecting caregivers with information from a range of contributors passionate about sexual education.

Although we are open to talking about brands that can support this mission we will only allow the sharing of products and services that we believe promote the goals of the organization.  Without content that expands organically based on the needs of the community, we are not meeting our goals. 

Sexual education is about meaningful conversations between caregivers and young people as well as consenting adults. 


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