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This site focuses on a range of sexuality issues for adults and for caregivers of young people. 

Posts are categorized in a range of ways. 

    • Sit Down Topics: You can look for posts that are considered "sit down topics" meaning this is a topic that you're going to want to take a few minutes to specifically sit down and talk to your young person or partner about. These sit-downs may be more appropriate for talking while cooking, others might go better on a car ride. The idea behind sit-down topics is that they are areas that you will want to address with your partner or young person more directly. 


  • Questions I Don’t Want to Answer: These are the questions that come up out of the blue or maybe within a conversation about a similar topic. This blog will highlight a range of questions that you might come across. Want me to cover a particular question that you dread? Let me know and I will do my best to tackle it. This can be a question you have already gotten and think you did a great job answering; it can be a question that you are sure you botched; it can be a question you think could come up and want guidance on. If you want to share your question & answer I would happily post the topic. Email me at katherine (at) bravetopics.com to make a plan. 
  • Living a Brave Life: There are other topic posts that deal with particular issues that pop up in either consenting relationships or in caregiver young person relationships. 



Posts are tagged to make sure that you can find posts that are related to “caregiver and young person relationships” or “consenting sexual relationships.”


Brave Topics is for people throughout their sexual lifespan.  It focuses on not only adult sexuality but information for caregivers who are interested in finding ways to talk about sex with their young people. 

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