Brave Topics Workshops

Caregiver Workshops

Adult & Family Sexuality Topics

Program Understandings & Truths

We will have ground rules for each workshop.  

  • Treat others with respect

  • Everyone is a learner; everyone is a teacher.

  • Participants may pass on any activity

  • No one will ask others to share personal sexual experiences.  

    • Participants may do so as long as what is shared is not embarrassing or harmful to others. 

    • Be sensitive to others comfort zones.  Do not push others to share. 

  • Information, opinions, and attitudes shared within the group stay within the group.  However, I have an ethical responsibility to report sexual mistreatment of a minor or other crimes. 

  • Even if you are a lawyer, counselor, therapist or doctor, remember within the group was are not acting in an official manner and as a group we will only attempt to steer participants towards resources. 

  • Although we want to feel open and welcome we want to stick to the workshop program and may need to table issues that are not on topic or that have exceeded the time planned. 

  • Talking to Young Children

    Talking to Young Children About Their Body & Sexuality

    • Teach about bodies, honest anatomy

    • Helping send clear messages about having healthy & safe bodies

    • When the stories lies to children

      • Demystifying sexual topics for young children

      • Removing shame from sexuality while adding value and love.

  • Answering Hard Questions for Caregivers
  • Talking About Sexual Development for Caregivers
  • Talking to Tweens

Sexual Education Programing for Parents

This program is adapted from the Our Whole Lives Curriculum with materials adapted from a range of community resources.  Our Whole Lives is a secular sexual education program designed by the United Universalist and United Church of Christ. There are spiritual guides that can be used in conjunction with the program, but they are not used in our private workshops uness by request. 

The hope is that parents see that there are a range of personal roadblocks for all families when it comes to educating their young people about their body, choices, and values.  Issues arise in the education of our young people when the content does not respect the maturity of the young person; makes assumptions about what the young person ‘needs to know’; or does not give the caregivers the tools to take responsibility for their young person’s education.  

Workshops are scheduled in a participant’s home, a supplied private establishment or at The Meetinghouse on Ipswich Green. 

  • Knowing Our Healthy Bodies Workshop

    Kindergarten through First Grade Workshop Series 

    This workshop focuses on helping young people know more about their bodies and how to keep those bodies safe.  It is easy for caregivers to assume that the biggest danger to their children is being taken, we talk about ‘Stranger Danger’ and maybe you have told them that only certain people can touch them in certain places.  In the first 2 hours session we will read stories, look at the pictures, and name our parts. We will start by exploring what they already know and build to add information about the parts that they may not know the correct words for.  The second half of the Workshop will look at expectations and gender roles. We will extend the activities to help the young person understand more about exploitation in age appropriate terms.  

    • Half Day Workshop for Children and their caregivers or trusted adults

    • Part One of the Session builds on a young person’s current understanding of the human body.  

    • Part Two of the Session adds information to the young person’s knowledge base to include typical male and female external genitalia. 

    • Snack Break with Movement!

    • Part Three of the Session talk about gender roles in their experience and likes and dislikes.  

    • Part Four of the Session helps young people consider ways to keep their bodies healthy & safe. 

  • Families and Feelings Workshop
  • Babies & Families Workshop
  • Puberty & Staying Healthy for Tweens
  • Language & Consent for Tweens

Young People's Sexual Education

All of the youth workshops see parents as the primary educator for sexual health and education but acknowledge that not all families are confident educating their children. With this in mind, parents are not able to sit in on youth sessions. Parents are invited to meet with the facilitator before each session during open office hours to review the workshop plan with the understanding that workshops topics may change based on the information that the youth are seeking.

Class is taught by a trained Our Whole Lives Sexual Education facilitator who is also a licenced Massachusetts Special Educator who specializes in Art Therapy and Health & Life Skills education. (Mass. Teachers License #442750)

  • Core Concept Wine & Wellness Workshops

    Sexuality & Values

    • Looking at societies values & attitudes toward sexuality

    • Exploring and defining personal values & attitudes

    • Exploring and considering talking to children about sexuality & sexual values 

    Sexuality & Communication

    • Exploring human anatomy

    • Language of sex & sexuality

    • Building bodies

    • Overcoming barriers of communication about sex & sexuality. 

    • Doing it in the dark

    Sexual Health

    • Assessing your personal sexual health

    • Involving psyche, emotion, and relationships into the conversation

    • Societies attitudes towards healthy sexual behavior

    • Explore what constitutes a healthy sexual relationship

    • Identify areas of concern in sexual health including talking about diseases

  • Sexual Exploration Wine & Wellness Workshops
  • Sexual Relationships Wine & Wellness Workshops
  • Considering Sexuality Wine & Wellness Workshops
  • Expanding Sexuality Wine & Wellness Workshops
  • Exploring Sexual Concepts Workshops
  • Sexuality in Relationships Workshops

Participating in a Wine & Wellness Workshop

Participants may wish to take part in a Wine & Wellness Sexuality Workshop for many reasons.  

  • Information about sexual wellness and sexuality, and sexual values for example.

  • An opportunity for a safe & effective place for communication with others

  • General curiosity about the workshop topics

  • Some participants may be wondering if “this is all there is,” or how to change their sexual relationships

  • Interest in sexuality from a parenting perspective

  • Struggles with memories of abuse or trauma

  • Wrestling with impulses towards what has been deemed an unsafe act.

  • Interest in looking at their current or past sexual relationships in a safe environment

  • Wondering how to start over after an ended relationship

  • Intrigued with the idea of starting over within a long term relationship

  • Struggling with sexuality within an unhealthy sexual relationship

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