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Brave Topics is based north of Boston in a seaside town called Ipswich; our office is just 30 minutes south of New Hampshire.  

Brave Topics provides caregivers and young people with approaches to sexual education, ideas, and support.  As an overarching message, we want consenting adults and caregivers to have confidence in talking about sex and sexuality.  

We can be contacted at our office by mail or appointment at 174 High Street, Suite 105, Ipswich, Massachusetts, 01938. Feel free to email katherine (at) bravetopics.com via email to set up a meeting.  

Posts are written by Katherine DeSilva unless otherwise noted.  We love finding great articles to help families and consenting adults find the resources they need.  If you would like me to highlight material available on sexuality please reach out.  

I am a teacher and advocate, born in Massachusetts into a family where the conversation was part of everyday life.  I matured into an educator after making a number of false starts career-wise.

I moved to the North Shore of Massachusetts about 10 years ago so I could complete my Masters in Special Education.  I decided to stay near the water after finding a supportive community in the area.

Who is this website for?

This website is for caregivers and consenting adults to explore information about how to talk about sex.  The goal is for information on Brave Topics to be relevant to a range of readers. 

I want to pull people into the conversation so that they are ready to have healthy conversations in their personal lives. 

Content will evolve over time and will try to cover typical cisgender sexual education concepts in a way caregivers can apply to almost any child. There is a lot to be learned and reformating traditional information to make it more inclusive will hopefully help people feel more comfortable tackling issues of sexuality.

The Brave Topic view is value-based.  Raising a young person to value their body, value their sexuality and value the lessons learned by their caregivers.

Although some information is geared towards consenting adults, the overarching goal is to help caregivers learn to open lines of communication so sexuality education starts at home. 

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Katherine DeSilva, Owner Pumpkin Vines

Sex Education Definition: ‘Sex Ed’ or ‘Sexual Education’ is commonly used to describe education about human sexual anatomy, sexually transmitted disease, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse and other aspects of human sexual behavior.

At Brave Topics we include a laundry list of topics under the umbrella of sexuality education.  

We break these topics into a few areas: Sexualization, Sensuality, Intimacy, Sexual identity, Sexual health, and Reproduction.

174 High Street, Ipswich, Massachusetts +1 978 272 2229 katherine@bravetopics.com